Sunday, August 20, 2006

This Can't Be Good

From Agence France Presse by way of the Mumbai Mirror:

Venezuela and Cuba are now going to get the same kind of exceptional treatment from our intelligence services that Iran and Korea already do, getting special intelligence managers that no other countries get. I don't like the looks of this. And why is it that I have to learn about this from the Mumbai Mirror? (Thanks, Dotso!) The only other place I found this was the Gulf Times out of Qatar. Isn't the fact that the Bush Administration views Venezuela to be as great a concern as Iran important news? At least as much as who killed JonBenet?


Grandmère Mimi said...

I don't like the looks of this either. Has the planning begun for invasions by the US?

Why don't we hear about this in our media? C'mon, they would be doing their jobs. What can you be thinking?

Then, I'm afraid, we really must move on to an invasion of our best friend and ally - England. It's a breeding ground for terrorists, you see. Let's see Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and England. We'll not invade Korea, because they have those damned nukes.

What's the message here? Get nukes, and we won't invade your country.

Dr.T said...

Well said. You know, I would say invading Cuba is way too crazy, but that's what I said when I first heard they were thinking of invading Iraq - "Oh, they won't do that. That's so obviously crazy!" We know how that tured out.