Sunday, August 13, 2006

Can Fundamentalism be Cured?

Not much blogging inspiration right now. I would, however, like to recommend reading Orcinus right now, where Sara Robinson is guest blogging on authoritarian personalities. I'm intrigued by her post on ex-fundamentalists, and what causes them to leave that brand of religion. There has been much research on authoritarian personalities since World War II, and Robinson also posts on John Dean's new book about that research and the light it sheds on modern conservatism. Robinson's post on people who leave fundamentalism raises an interesting question - in all this research on both the "leader" and "follower" flavor of what psychologists call "social dominance orientation," has there been research on "curing," or at least redirecting in a more constructive fashion, the "followers"? Ah, the conservatives and the fundamentalists would go nuts at that thought, wouldn't they? Research money to cure conservatism? That would be interesting, indeed.

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